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02:12pm 20/08/2007
mood: lazy
For shame! I have not updated since November of 2005? Wow. I really do suck.

Well, as I went to the Ottawa Folk Fest yesterday specifically to see the Worms, it has reminded me of how neglectful I am of my website.

There are many reasons for this. I don't live in Ottawa anymore, and my sister is the computer whiz who does all of the work. I'm in Kingston for school and work, so between shifts and writing essays, there is unfortunately little time for the Worms. I missed their performance at Centrepointe for the first time this year, as it was during my exam period. How good of a stalker am I? The answer is clearly not very good.

So the new things to be coming to the site will hopefully be:
- a new quote of the day (finally, as there has never actually been any other quotes in that space... whoops)
- updates on the 2 other concerts I have been to since the last one listed in the concerts section
- some new pictures
- the lyrics section completed?
- some more artwork if I have some doodling time
- updated info on myself, and hopefully the Worms as well
- more quotes

It's a lot on my plate, but I'm going to try to at least do some of it! If anyone does read this, and wants me to do more, feel free to email me to "motivate" (by this, I clearly mean yell at) me to work harder.

- Rowena
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11:39pm 10/10/2005
  Yep. Once again lacking updation.

I blame school, Thanksgiving and hockey.

*eyeshift* Go Leafs and Avalanche!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And... I'll update soon. Really this time.
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11:35pm 25/09/2005
  Updations are really slow as I've been really busy lately, including trip to Stratford and whatnot. Not important to jibber about.

I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Shall likely put up the Quest pictures and update the Quest section and whatnot.

Anyway, hopefully I'll do something good.

Sorry about the slowness to anyone who actually checks the site!
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07:11pm 11/09/2005
mood: happy
Portions of the site are officially up. In fact, most of it. Minus the art and pics sections, which lead to dead ends, and the lyrics section, which tells of how lazy I am.

Whatever. It's up. That's what I care about.

EDIT: Pics and art are now up. They aren't as completed as they can be, but there's a good chunk of stuff in there. Lyrics remains a placeholder for a non-lazy day. I'll do more tomorrow. I'm tired... and I have to be up in like 5 hours. Time to sleep.
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Pretty little community... 
09:36pm 27/08/2005
mood: accomplished
This will be the new harbour of my news-type stuff for my website. I figured since I'm moving off of Tripod, I might as well move the blog off of Tripod as well. Plus, to be honest, I don't like the Tripod blogs.

This also means if anyone has livejournal they can easily join and thus gets news on my website when checking lj. Wouldn't that be cool? If anyone even checks/will check my website that much...

I shall be giving posting access to my friends Shireen and Emma if they choose to take it. They were both in the Quest for Worms and will likely be making some form of contribution to my site, and even if they don't, they'll be mentioned enough that I figure they can have a hand in my news section. Could give people a less bias side. Heh heh.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site and also reading whatever follows in this little community of ours.
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